Morphe Review!

Morphe is my love. Honestly it is one of my favourite make up brands due to the quality and beauty of all of their make up. The image clipped in this article is my personal image and is palette 35K Koffee. It was my first palette is ever purchased from Morphe and i now own... Continue Reading →


What makes me happy?

There are so many things in the world that make me smile, no matter what happens. I feel like a list would be most appropriate so here we go : My mum Gav My nephew Sunsets My friends DOGS My make up Taking photos Reading books Watching wrestling Listening to music Writing music Playing guitar... Continue Reading →

My app must haves!

I have soooo many apps on my phone it is actually un-natural because I get too attached to them and then don't want to delete them when i run out of memory. But there are so many apps on my phone that I use daily without fail. Now I do actually have an android phone (Samsung... Continue Reading →

Getting to know me

So instead of doing a long get to know me post I thought I would give you a few quick fire bullet point facts about me to help you know the kind of person I am. I am OBSESSED with horror movies. I love abandoned places and would love to explore them with a group... Continue Reading →

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